Tuesday 3 April 2012

Sober Wilder: Party Liason

Saturday night I was out until 2am without a drop of alcohol.  I danced, caught up with friends and giggled until I actually felt drunk!

Brunswick St, Melbourne, Australia
In my early 20s I thought that if someone wasn't drinking they were boring to go out with, but I wonder if maybe it's the other way around?   When drunk we are highly likely to take on one of the following characters:

* The Slury
Slur their words or just generally speak incoherently.  Unless of course we are also drunk, in which case we are fluent in "jibberish" and understand them perfectly.

* The Broken Record
Repeat the same sentence or story over and over again.  Repeat the same sentence or story over and over again [cue record scratch sound].

* The Pacifier (AKA The Baby's Dummy)
The beer bottle or glass of alcohol acts as a pacifier (baby's dummy) and the person will suck contently on their drink (even if it's empty or the lid is still on) and not engage in conversation. 
If there are a few Pacifiers in a circle they will literally sit there drinking and not talk.  These days they are likely to be tapping away on their iPhones, checking Facebook or other unsocial behaviour.  Kinda blows the theory that drinking is social right out of the water.

 * The Cradle Rock

"...when the wind blows, drunk person will rock"... back and forth and back and forth. (On the dance floor this motion can sometimes pass for a dance move).
But "when the bow breaks, the drunk person will fall and down will come drunked, VB's and all..."

 * The Personal Space-inator
Behaves like your long lost best friend even if you've only met that night.  
"I love u too man, but could you kindly get your breath out of my face."

 * The Say it Don't Spppray it!

Best mates with the personal space-inator.  Need I say more?

I'm making light of these because they're pretty funny on reflection.  Or is it that I find drunk people funny because I'm trying to justify my own drunken behaviour?   

All I know is that Saturday night was one of the best nights I've had out in a long time and the only drink I was smashing was water...

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